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12.03, - 13:30, Lumiere
12.03, - 21:00, Lumiere
Director:  Stefano Pasetto
Cinematography:  Paolo Bravi
Screenplay:  Marina Fabbri , Carmelo Marabello , Stefano Pasetto
Producer:  Rosanna Seregni
Music:  "Banda Osiris"
Cast:  Fabrizio Rongione , Barbora Bobulova , Vittorio Amandola , Antonio Manzini , Gordana Miletic
Production:  Sintra
International distribution:  Sintra
Main programme / International Competition
Adam & Paul
Burning Out
From the Land of Silence
Love in Thoughts
Prince Gomez
Red Coloured Grey Truck
Tartarughe sul dorso
The Woodsman

Italy, 2004, 92 min, color

A nameless love. A boy and a girl who, like many others, hold onto the eternal flame. This is a story of the first images that remain impressed upon our memories of someone who passes through our lives. He and She are thirty-year olds living in Trieste. In the visitors room of a prison, over games of Scrabble, they reconstruct the series of missed encounters that punctuated their mutual past. The words that appear on the game board open the chapters that tell us their story. All their lives they have brushed by each other, each one ignorant of the presence of the other. Only a turtle, a token of their adolescent love, ties them together. They meet again in an operating room; He is the patient and She is the surgeon.

As they began to spend time together, photographs and interrupted phrases appear, bringing back memories of a shared childhood. After painstaking consideration, when She decides that her love lies with him, He turns her away, preferring to hide himself in the dream theyve been cultivating all their lives. When She is attached by a dock worker, He reacts with his usual aggressiveness. The Scrabble game in the visitors room is now over. She closes the game and leaves. Shall she wait for him outside?

Italian director, screenwriter and film editor Stefano Pasetto was born in Rome, in 1970. He earned a diploma from the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema. Since then he has directed short films and documentaries, which have appeared in national and international festivals. He is member of the Stalk Agency art group.
2004  Tartarughe sul dorso
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