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08.03, - 18:30, Lumiere
Director:  Stanimir Trifonov
Cinematography:  Emil Hristov
Screenplay:  Yordan de Meo
Producer:  Dimitar Petkov
Cast:  Stefan Vuldobrev , Paraskeva Djukelova , Deyan Donkov , Yosif Surchadjiev , Tsvetana Maneva , Nikolai Urumov
Production:  Parallax/Bulgarian National Television/Camera/Film Studio Vreme/Doli Media Studio with the support of NFC Bulgaria
International distribution:  Parallax
Bulgarian Features
Burning Out
Stolen Eyes
Svetlanas Journey
The Meaning of Life
The Prince and the Pauper

Main programme / International Competition
Adam & Paul
Burning Out
From the Land of Silence
Love in Thoughts
Prince Gomez
Red Coloured Grey Truck
Tartarughe sul dorso
The Woodsman


Bulgaria, 2004, 95 min, color
Awards:  Varna 2004 - " " Grand Prize (tied), Best Actor to Stefan Vuldobrev and Best Cinematography, Love is Madness '04 Best Actress to Paraskeva Djukelova, Golden Chest '04 Best Actress to Paraskeva Djukelova, Best Cinematography and the City of Plovdiv Award

At the end of the Second World War, the young and handsome Italian Enrico marries the Bulgarian Kalina. He then falls into the clutches of Sofias State Security Police, at the instigation of the security cop Metodi Stoev, who is in love with Enricos wife. The Italian is sent to a labour camp, while Kalina becomes Stoevs informant and bears his child. Despite the drama that they endure, Kalina and Enrico never stop searching for each other and loving each other. He manages to escape from the evils of the concentration camp, whilst she finds the strength within herself to withstand violence and is expelled to Italy by the Bulgarian authorities. The two of them travel towards each other, possessed by the memories of their suffering, in order to be reunited in a country where they never knew each other. But will they indeed meet again, or will their memories make them pass each other by forever?

Stanimir Trifonovs directing reconciles the visual with the narrative principle. The physical setting is authentic, faithful to the era, precise in its details. The camera work of master cinematographer Emil Hristov seeks out, and finds, the emotional accents in the scenery and the human portraits. The score is nostalgic, but without being misty-eyed the hopeless tango of trains travelling in opposite directions at different points in time, the beautiful, doomed love in a world on the brink of falling apart.
Yanko Terziev, Kapital Light magazine

Bulgarian director Stanimir Trifonov was born in 1958 in Veliko Turnovo. He graduated from the High Institute for Theatre Arts in 1986. He won a Silver Rhyton at the Plovdiv Short Film Fest for Elias Canetti: Answer to a Letter, a Golden Rose for the documentary Character Impossible and a Golden Chest for the mini-series Battue for Wolves. Incineration, his feature debut, also won a Golden Rose. He is the director of the documentary film production house Time Studios.
1992  Elias Canetti. Answer to a Letter docu
1993  The Man Named Burov docu
1993  Dream docu
1994  Before I Was Born... Ivaylo Petrov docu
1997  The Other Level of Bathroom docu
1998  The Assassination docu
1999  If God Said docu
2000  Battue for Wolves TV miniseries
2003  Burning Out
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