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15.03, - 18:30, Lumiere
16.03, - 13:30, Lumiere
Director:  Ismael Ferroukhi
Cinematography:  Katell Djian
Screenplay:  Ismael Ferroukhi
Producer:  Humbert Balsan
Music:  Fowzi Guerdjou
Cast:  Nicolas Cazale , Mohamed Majd , Jacky Nercessian , Malika Mesrar El Hadaoui , Gina Ognianova
Production:  Ognon Pictures/Arte France Cinema/Soread 2M/Casablanca Films/Les Films du Passage
International distribution:  Flach Pyramide Intl.
Main programme / Out of Competition
Le Grand voyage
One or the Other

, 2004, 108 min, color

Writer-director Ismail Ferroukhi proves his accomplished storytelling skill with Le Grand Voyage.
A Moroccan father and son drive from their home in a French suburb to Mecca. They start out as two most unlikely co-travellers, with generational differences evident in their regard for tradition and lifes priorities and even in their use of language (the father speaks in a Moroccan dialect, while his son responds in French). Reda has little respect for the illiterate older man, who has to assert his authority early on in the voyage. The importance of their journey is gradually revealed, as father and son are isolated and forced to talk. Reda learns why they are driving, instead of flying, across seven countries to Mecca, and comes to understand that how he conducts himself during the journey is an important part of the value of the pilgrimage.
Several unwanted passengers among them a goat attach themselves to the pair, adding humour and momentum to the journey. The ultimate spiritual achievement of the hajj becomes a metaphor for their bond, as its purpose both as a life-changing event and a personal devotion parallels the burgeoning communication between father and son.

Moroccan director Ismael Ferroukhi was born in Kenitra. After directing his first short film, LExposé, in 1992, he co-wrote the script for Cedric Kahns feature film Trop de Bonheur (1994). In 1995, he wrote and directed the short film LInconnu, which was part of the Court-toujours trilogy, produced for Canal Plus/Arte. He has also directed two TV movies, Akim (1997) and Petit Ben (1998). Le Grand Voyage is his feature debut.
2004  Le Grand Voyage
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