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08.03, - 20:00, National Palace of Culture Hall 1
09.03, - 13:30, Lumiere
09.03, - 20:30, Cinema House
Director:  Wong Kar-wai
Cinematography:  Christopher Doyle , Kwan Pun-leung , Lai Yiu-fai
Screenplay:  Wong Kar-wai
Producer:  Wong Kar-wai
Music:  Peer Raben , Shigeru Umebayashi
Cast:  Tony Leung Chiu-wai , Gong Li , Takuya Kimura , Faye Wong , Zhang Ziyi , Carina Lau , Maggie Cheung
Production:  Jet Tone Films/Paradis Films/Orly Films/Classic/Shanghai Film Corp.
International distribution:  Fortissimo Film Sales
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, 2004, 127 min, color

After the events in In the Mood for Love, Chow Mo-Wan returns to Hong Kong, again writing columns and serials for the newspapers. He lodges in a cheap hotel in Wanchai and reinvents himself as a heartless playboy. His next-door neighbour, in room 2046, is a gold-digger from China, Miss Bai. When their flirtatious and soon torridly physical relationship threatens to become serious, Chow cruelly pushes her away. Meanwhile, haunted by memories from his years in Singapore, he writes his most popular serial: a story called 2046, in which travellers take endless train journeys to a mysterious destination where they can recapture their lost memories.

Wong Kar-Wai's many fans have grown used to the way his films tend to revise or comment on each other, but 2046 is more than the darker flip-side of In the Mood for Love. Laced with musical, visual and verbal references to Days of Being Wild, it feels more like a grand summation: an anthology of Wong's obsessions in their purest and most piercing form. Needless to add, it provides a cinematic experience like no other this year.
Tony Rayns

Wong Kar-wai was born in Shanghai, in 1958. When he is 5, his parents move to Hong-Kong. He studies graphic design at the college of technology and takes up photography; later on he enters the script writing department with the Hong-Kong TV Broadcasting. He sees his first script realised in 1982. Up until then, he is known as the "idea man" in the film circles. He assists famous Hong-Kong directors and gets into film-making together with Jacob Cheung and Stanley Kwan. The three of them form a powerful trio in the so-called "second wave" of Hong-Kong cinema.
Wong Kar-wai's 1988 debut, As Tears Go By, is a surprise to everyone. The film is designed as the usual gangster action movie but the plot takes such unexpected, abrupt turns toward lyricism and sentimentality that we get as much kisses as shooting on the screen. The success with the audience is more than unexpected and Wong Kar-wai's visual style is highly appreciated by the critics. This is when he is called "the only artist-director". His next pic, Days of Being Wild (1991), is surprising again - the long and confused love story taking place in the cool streets and cafes of Hong-Kong, however, is not appreciated by audience or producers. Still, the film is successful in Korea and Europe and is awarded numerous prizes. Inspired by its success, later on Wong Kar-wai shoots two completely different stories: Ashes of Time (1994) and Chungking Express (1994). Strongly impressed by the latter, Quentin Tarantino invites the Asian to the USA where his name is still unknown. It is interesting to note that the main female character in this movie bears a striking resemblance to Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amelie. With his Fallen Angels (1995) Wong Kar-wai makes his return to the Asian screen. And in 1997 he makes another surprising film. In Happy gether the action is moved from Hong-Kong to Buenos Aires and a homosexual story is told by means of hand-held camera. It is precisely this work of his that wins him his first significant international recognition - the Best Director Award at the festival in Cannes.
1988  As Tears Go By
1991  Days of Being Wild
1994  Chungking Express
1994  Ashes of Time
1995  Fallen Angels
1997  Happy Together
2000  In the Mood for Love
2004  2046
2004  Eros segment "The Hand"
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