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07.03, - 10:00, Lumiere
09.03, - 20:00, National Palace of Culture Hall 1
20.03, - 18:30, Cinema House
Director:  Francois Ozon
Cinematography:  Yorick Le Saux
Screenplay:  Francois Ozon , Emmanuele Bernheim
Producer:  Olivier Delbosc , Marc Missonnier
Music:  Philippe Rombi
Cast:  Valeria Bruni Tedeschi , Stephane Freiss , Geraldine Pailhas , Francoise Fabian , Michael Lonsdale
Production:  Fidelite/France 2 Cinema/FOZ
International distribution:  Celluloid Dreams
BG distribution:  ART Fest Ltd.
Francois Ozon - Retro
5 x 2
8 Women
Criminal Lovers
Under the Sand
Water Drops on Burning Rocks
_Swimming Pool

Galas & Avant-premiers
5 x 2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Land of Plenty
Life Is a Miracle
Lost & Found
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Sea Inside
Trilogy The Weeping Meadow

5 X 2
5 X 2
5 X 2
France, 2004, 90 min, color

Inspired by the Jane Campion TV movie Two Friends (1986), Ozon decided to tell his story backwards (Gaspar Noes Irreversible also springs to mind). This choice of structure allows the director to concentrate on the essential, stripping away extraneous detail; we simply arrive at key moments in the life of a pair of heterosexual, married Parisians.

Ozons view of the couple is telling in both its characters ordinariness Gilles and Marion are much like us and in the familiarity of its constituent scenes, for he has chosen key moments in the couples life as his stomping ground: first meeting, marriage, childbirth, and so on. The road he depicts is well travelled, though no less powerful for being so commonplace but, like Bergman, Chabrol or Antonioni, who have done such a fine job of putting marriage under the microscope, Ozon finds his own voice throughout. Ably assisted by two fine actors the gracefully vulnerable Bruni-Tedeschi and the equally subtle Freiss the director dissects his characters behaviour with the skill of a social scientist and an unquestionably talented artistic eye. We will all find parts of ourselves reflected in the stark beauty and thoughtful tone of 5x2.
Piers Handling

French director, born in 1967 in Paris. Graduated in film and then attended Frances famed FEMIS film school. His short films were shown at many film festivals around the world. In 1998 he shot his feature debut Sitcom, screened in the Critics Week section at the Cannes IFF. His next two features were also screened at top festivals Criminal Lovers (1999, Venice) and Water Drops on Burning Rocks (2000, Berlin). In 2002 he shot 8 Women, based on the play by Robert Thomas and starring outstanding French actresses of many generations; collectively they received the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 2002 Berlinale. Swimming Pool was screened in the competition at Cannes in 2003. 5x2 was competitor for Golden Lion in 2004.
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