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14.03, - 20:30, National Palace of Culture Hall 1
15.03, - 13:30, Lumiere
Director:  Wim Wenders
Cinematography:  Franz Lustig
Screenplay:  Wim Wenders , Michael Meredith
Producer:  In-Ah Lee , Samson Muecke , Gary Winick , Jake Abraham
Music:  Thomas Hanreich
Cast:  Michelle Williams , John Diehl , Shaun Toub , Wendell Pierce , Richard Edson , Burt Young , Gloria Stuart
Production:  Reverse Angle Intl./InDigEnt
BG distribution:  ART Fest Ltd.
Galas & Avant-premiers
5 x 2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Land of Plenty
Life Is a Miracle
Lost & Found
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Sea Inside
Trilogy The Weeping Meadow

, 2004, 110 min, color

Wenders has explored his fascination with the United States in a succession of masterpieces, from The American Friend to The State of Things and Paris, Texas. Bringing the sensibility of an outsider to bear, he has displayed an unparalleled ability to cut to the core of the American experience. In Land of Plenty, he achieves this through the eyes of a young woman who, after years of living in Israel, returns to the United States to search for her only living relative, her mothers brother. Penniless, armed only with her winning optimism and the fearlessness born of youth, Lana ends up living in a mission in downtown Los Angeles, the hunger capital of America. From there she sets out to find her reclusive Uncle Paul, an obsessive loner fixated on weeding out people he thinks are dangerous to the state. This paranoid Vietnam vet roams the city in a battered van filled with surveillance equipment. When the two finally meet, their lives overlap and intersect, taking us in strange and surprising directions.

German director, born in Dusseldorf in 1945. He studied at the Munich Academy for Television and Film. Before that he studied medicine and philosophy in Germany, as well as art in Paris. He has also written film criticism. After making several movies in the mid 70s, he began to work on his cycle of "road movies". In 1982 he won the Golden Lion at Venice, with The State of Things. Two years later he won the Golden Palm for Paris, Texas.
1975  Falsche Bewegung
1977  Der Amerikanische Freund
1982  Der Stand der Dinge
1984  Paris, Texas
1987  Der Himmel uber Berlin
1994  Lisbon Story
1999  Buena Vista Social Club docu
2003  The Soul of a Man docu
2004  Land of Plenty
2005  Dont Come Knocking
2007  Palermo Shooting
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