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05.03, - 19:15, National Palace of Culture Hall 1
06.03, - 13:30, Lumiere
Director:  Emir Kusturica
Cinematography:  Michel Amathieu
Screenplay:  Emir Kusturica , Ranko Bozic
Producer:  Alain Sarde , Maja Kusturica , Emir Kusturica
Music:  Dejan Sparavalo , Emir Kusturica
Cast:  Slavko Stimac , Natasa Solak , Vesna Trivalic , Vuk Kostic , Aleksandar Bercek , Stribor Kusturica , Nikola Kojo , Mirjana Karanovic
Production:  Les Films Alain Sarde/Cabiria Films/France 2 Cinema
International distribution:  Wild Bunch
BG distribution:  BIG BANG! Entertainment
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Trilogy The Weeping Meadow

, 2004, 154 min, color
Awards:  Cannes 2004 - "Official selection"

Golobuci, a sleepy Bosnian town, 1992. Luka, a Serb from Belgrade, sits in a pastoral spot with his wife, a former opera singer, and their son, a teenage football fan, and dreams of bringing the railroad there and turning the region into a tourist paradise. He doesnt seem to notice the increasing rumours of approaching civil war. Even before the battles begin, his wife disappears with a Hungarian cymbal player and when the war erupts, his son is drafted into the army and falls prisoner to the Bosnians. Falling in love with a Muslim nurse doesnt help his plan to free his son from captivity.

Since the beginning of his career, Kusturica has managed to combine tragedy with comedy, realism with surrealism, the material with the fantastic, and an ironic look at the situation in his country with grandiose escapism. Sad optimism, humanism, visual momentum and clever and sophisticated ideas are his hallmarks. Once again the music is key, and the No Smoking band, in which Kusturica plays the bass, has an important role in the structure of his film.

Emir Kusturica was born in Sarajevo in 1954. He received a degree in directing from Pragues Film Academy (FAMU). He gained professional experience working at TV Sarajevo and then in 1981 he made his first feature, Do You Remember, Dolly Bell, the work of an already-mature artist. Each successive film became a big event. In Yugoslavia he made When Father Was Away on Business, Time of the Gypsies and years later Black Cat, White Cat, which featured the music of his band No Smoking. He made Arizona Dream and Underground abroad. He has won the Palme dOr twice. He plays the guitar for No Smoking and he lectures at New Yorks Columbia University
1993  Arizona Dream
1995  Underground
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