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11.03, - 20:00, National Palace of Culture Hall 1
13.03, - 10:00, Lumiere
18.03, - 22:30, Cinema House
Director:  Alejandro Amenabar
Cinematography:  Javier Aguirresarobe
Screenplay:  Alejandro Amenabar , Mateo Gil
Producer:  Fernando Bovaira , Alejandro Amenabar
Music:  Alejandro Amenabar
Cast:  Javier Bardem , Belen Rueda , Lola Duenas , Mabel Rivera , Celso Bugallo
Production:  Sogecine/Himenoptero
International distribution:  Sogepaq
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The Sea Inside
Trilogy The Weeping Meadow

, 2004, 125 min, color

Although there is a significant shift in genre towards melodrama from his earlier thrillers, Alejandro Amenabars The Sea Inside is a continuation of the themes explored in his previous works: life, and when it ceases to be worth living, death.
Amenabars fourth feature film is a brilliant and beautiful depiction of the struggle of Ramon Sampedro, who, after being left paralysed from the neck down, sought the right to die with dignity. Euthanasia is a dangerously emotional subject, but Amenabar manages the task with great delicacy by focusing on the story of one mans desire to end his own life.

The Sea Inside represents the mature culmination of all Amenabars films to date. Through one mans plight, he is able to explore basic human needs and emotions, as well as our fundamental questions about what constitutes living. The Sea Inside is Amenabars first masterpiece and his ability to make such profound statements through a simple story will resonate for years.
Diana Sanchez

Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1972 and grew up in Madrid. He wrote and composed the music for all of his films. He directed three short films before making his first feature, Thesis, at the age of just 24.
2004  The Sea Inside
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