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05.03, - 21:00, Lumiere
Director:  Alexander Payne
Galas & Avant-premiers
5 x 2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Land of Plenty
Life Is a Miracle
Lost & Found
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Sea Inside
Trilogy The Weeping Meadow

USA, 2004, 126 min, color

From the glittering high-school satire of Election to the poignant tale of a retired insurance executive in About Schmidt, director Alexander Payne has established himself as a great comic chronicler of ordinary American lives. Here, Payne takes the oldest of Hollywood formulas the buddy picture and elevates it to a hilarious and insightful portrait of the seemingly clueless male psyche. Superb as ever, Paul Giamatti plays the tormented Miles, a failed novelist and wine snob hell kill you if you order merlot who takes his vain, hedonistic actor friend (Thomas Haden Church, in a breakthrough performance) on a tour of Californias wine country. Soon theyre awash in wine, whining, and amorous exploits with the exquisite Sandra Oh and a revelatory Virginia Madsen a grand misadventure shot through with an awareness of their own futility. Laugh-out-loud funny, yet peculiarly heartbreaking, Sideways is as intoxicating as your first sip of champagne.

Alexander Payne was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1961, and studied at Stanford University and at the University of California at Los Angeles. After directing the short film The Passion of Martin (1991), he made his feature debut with Citizen Ruth (1996). Election won best feature, best director and best screenplay honours at theIndependent Spirit Awards and an Academy Award nomination for best adapted screenplay; his third feature, About Schmidt, earned him a Golden Globe for best screenplay. Sideways is the fourth feature film by Payne.
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