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06.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
Director:  Volker Schloendorff
Cinematography:  Tomas Erhart
Screenplay:  Eberhard Goerner , Andreas Pflueger
Producer:  Juergen Haase
Cast:  Ulrich Matthes , August Diehl , Germain Wagner , Bibiana Beglau , Jean-Paul Raths , Hilmar Thate
Production:  Provobis Film
International distribution:  Telepool
European Screen
Agnes and His Brothers
Feathers in My Head
Honey Baby
Look at Me
My Summer of Love
No Rest for the Brave
Old Women
Our Own
Sophie Scholl Hope and Resistance
The Arm of Jesus
The Gift
The Ninth Day
Up and Down

Germany, 2004, 97 min, color

It has been too many years between projects for one of Germanys finest filmmakers, so it comes as welcome news that The Ninth Day contains some of Volker Schlondorffs finest work. Ever the consummate professional there are few finer technicians in the field he has returned to working in his native tongue, following a string of non-German-language titles.

Schlondorff recounts the agonizing tale, based on a true story, of Kremer, a young Catholic priest who finds himself incarcerated in the Dachau concentration camp along with numerous other priests from across Europe. Despite the grim hardships they are forced to endure, none of them has lost faith. Unexpectedly, Kremer is released on a nine-day pass and told to return to his native Luxembourg. Shortly after arriving there he is summoned by the smooth, well-groomed SS officer, Gebhardt. Gebhardt is trying to thwart the local bishop, who rings his church bells in a passive but extremely effective rebellion against Nazi rule. Kremer is confronted with a bitter choice: he must convince the bishop to end his rebellion and write a letter in support of the Nazis, or he will be returned to Dachau presumably to face death in nine days.

German director Volker Schlondorff was born in Wiesbaden, in 1939. He made his directorial debut with the award-winning Young Torless. His adaptation of the Gunter Grass novel The Tin Drum won the Palme dOr at Cannes and the Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film.
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