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10.03, - 21:00, Cinema House
Director:  Ondrej Trojan
Cinematography:  Asen Shopov
Screenplay:  Petr Jarchovsky
Producer:  Ondrej Trojan , Helena Uldrichova
Music:  Petr Ostrouchov
Cast:  Anna Geislerova , Gyorgy Cserhalmi , Ivan Trojan , Jan Hrusinsky , Miroslav Donutil , Jan Triska
Production:  Total HelpArt/Barrandov Studios/Czech TV/Dor Film/ORF/Alef Film & Media Group
International distribution:  Menemsha Entertainment
European Screen
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My Summer of Love
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Old Women
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Sophie Scholl Hope and Resistance
The Arm of Jesus
The Gift
The Ninth Day
Up and Down

, 2003, 150 min, color
Awards:  2003 - "Czech Lion" - for Best Actress, to Anna Geislerova, Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign- Language Film

The producer of the excellent Czech wartime drama Divided We Fall turns to directing with Zelary, telling a fact-based tale that plays like a rural companion piece to the earlier film. In a tiny, remote community in the spectacular Moravian countryside, Eliska, a resistance worker, takes refuge from the Nazis. Shes grateful for the hiding place and quick to adapt, but theres no mistaking her urban origins. Few of the locals are fooled by her marriage to Joza, a shambling farmer, set in his ways and inexperienced with women. Gradually, Jozas innate chivalry endears him to Eliska and lends the film its abundant warmth and grace. Eliskas precarious foothold is used against her by less savoury elements in the town, so that her growing absorption in country life is shadowed by the constant likelihood of betrayal. Superbly acted by a cast of great actors, Zelary renders life-and-death situations with a matter-of-fact realism that only heightens our identification with its appealing principals.

Czech producer and director Ondrej Trojan was born in Prague in 1959. In 1991 he graduated from the FAMU film school in Prague and made his first feature. He produced the Czech hits Divided We Fall, Pupendo and Up and Down, all of which were directed by Jan Hrebejk.
2003  Zelary
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