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15.03, - 16:00, Lumiere
15.03, - 21:00, Cinema House
Director:  Gennady Sidorov
Cinematography:  Anatoly Petriga
Screenplay:  Gennady Sidorov
Producer:  Gennady Sidorov
Cast:  Gennady Sidorov , Sergei Makarov , Valentina Berezutskaya , Galina Smirnova , Zoya Norkina , Tamara Klimova , Bronislava Zakharova
Production:  Cinema Support Foundation/The Ministry of Culture Russia
International distribution:  Cinema Support Foundation
European Screen
Agnes and His Brothers
Feathers in My Head
Honey Baby
Look at Me
My Summer of Love
No Rest for the Brave
Old Women
Our Own
Sophie Scholl Hope and Resistance
The Arm of Jesus
The Gift
The Ninth Day
Up and Down


Russia, 2003, 105 min, color

A family of refugees from Central Asia arrives in a down-and-out Russian village with no electricity, populated only by old women and a single man with Downs Syndrome. The refugees arent welcome and the man, influenced by the old womens gossip, sets fire to the house in which they have taken shelter. The women, realising the barbarity of the action, rush to extinguish the fire, and hence the hatred gradually turns into pity, pity into understanding, and understanding into cordiality. The family of refugees, for their part, do everything they can to show their willingness, the proof of which will be the construction of an electricity power station, definitively uniting both communities.

The ultimately rewarding comedy Old Women is a hymn to cultural tolerance. Besides getting a laugh, these hard-drinking, foul-mouthed crones convey Sidorovs view of the Russian soul its deep-seated racism as well as its underlying wisdom and ability to endure. Played by real peasants in kerchiefs and leggings, the old women look just as exotic to foreign eyes as the colourfully dressed, well-heeled refugees.
Deborah Young, Variety

Actor, screenwriter, producer and director Genady Sidorov was born in 1962. In 1986 he completed the acting programme at Moscow's prestigious VGIK film school, then in 1990 he received a degree in directing. Since 1995 he has been the president of the Foundation for the Regional Support of Cinematographic Works. Starukhi is his first feature film.
2003  Old Women
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