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04.03, Петък - 21:00, Lumiere
13.03, Неделя - 16:00, Lumiere
Director:  Fridrik Thor Fridriksson
Cinematography:  Morten Soborg
Screenplay:  Huldar Breidfjord
Producer:  Skuli Fr. Malmquist , Thor Sigurjonsson
Music:  Mugison
Cast:  Martin Compston , Gary Lewis , Kerry Fox , Peter Capaldi , Shauna Macdonald , Gudrun Bjarnadottir
Production:  Zik Zak/Tradewind Pictures/Nimbus Film/Film & Music Entertainment
International distribution:  Bavaria Film International
European Screen
Agnes and His Brothers
Feathers in My Head
Honey Baby
Look at Me
My Summer of Love
No Rest for the Brave
Old Women
Our Own
Sophie Scholl – Hope and Resistance
The Arm of Jesus
The Gift
The Ninth Day
Up and Down

, 2004, 85 min, color

Jed and Chloe are two defiantly innocent, rather addled lovers. Their affair has suffered a seemingly insurmountable setback, which has left Chloe without a reason to live. Determined to marry her, Jed sets out to discover the meaning of life. It seems an impossible task until he sees Max – a junk collector who professes to hold the secret to existence – on television. Despite the objections of his TV-obsessed parents John and Mary, for whom the loss of cable is an almost inconsolable tragedy, Jed rushes off to the junkyard. But there, instead of the meaning of life, he finds a crazed, near-suicidal man with serious problems of his own. Undaunted, Jed camps out in the scrap-yard, determined to solve his riddle before Chloe slips further into depression.

Icelandic director and producer, born in 1954 in Reykjavik. He is a self-educated filmmaker. Started making 16mm short films while still in school. From 1974 to 1978 he ran the first Icelandic Film club, where he promoted film classics and art films. Founder, editor and film critic of Iceland's first film magazine. Since 1978 he has been one of the main organizers of the Reykjavik Film Festival.
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