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17.03, - 18:30, Cinema House
Director:  Aksel Hennie
Screenplay:  Aksel Hennie
New Norwegian Cinema
Clorox, Ammonia and Coffee!
Hawaii, Oslo
My Jealous Barber
The Beast of Beauty
The Colour of Milk

, 2004, 103 min, color

David spends most of his time hanging around the local gym with his mates. He doesnt really approve of their racist posturing and petty criminal scams, but sometimes its easier to be with them than to be at home. His dad is dying of cancer, he cant connect with his mum and his brother Kjetil has Downs Syndrome. However, when faced with a hard decision, David chooses his family over his friends, thinking they will understand. They dont, and he learns theres a painful price to pay for transgressing their macho code.

Norwegian actor and director Aksel Hennie graduated from the Norwegian National Theatre Academy in Oslo, with a degree in acting. He has won many awards as an actor.
2004  Uno
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