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Director:  Metod Pevec
Screenplay:  Metod Pevec
Balkan Films Showcase
A Wonderful Night in Split
Beneath Her Window
Dear Enemy
How I Killed a Saint
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The Pharaoh
Waiting for the Clouds
When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo

Slovenia, 2004, 87 min, color

Dusha is a young dancer and dance teacher, who is given to planning her weeks with the aid of an astrologist she consults over the phone. Sinking into a typical thirty-something crisis, and torn between her married lover Boris, a dominant mother who likes to date younger men, and an absent father, she suspects that someone is following her and discovers that her flat has been entered in her absence. She meets a new admirer who tells her a story about a pair of storks, one black and one white of a love that may or may not exist.

The second feature by novelist and screenwriter Metod Pevec, the film combines genre elements with a quirky and original story and a witty and literate script that makes much of the central mother-daughter relationship. Dushas links to her part-time lover, the astrologer, her father who returns from India and dies without her seeing him, and the unknown stalker create a fragile and uncertain reality. Strong performances and attractive photography give the film mainstream values, but it remains disarmingly offbeat.
Peter Hames

Slovenian actor and director Metod Pevec was born in 1958 in Ljubljana, where he earned degrees in philosophy and linguistics. At the time of his graduation he was already a well-known actor (cast several times by the renowned Zika Pavlovic). As a writer he has tried out writing radio plays and screenplays, then later short stories and novels. One of these lent itself to the creation of his feature debut as a director, Carmen (1995). He also wrote the script for his second feature Beneath Her Window. In addition, he makes television shorts and documentaries in Ljubljana.
1995  Carmen
2004  Beneath her Window / Pod njenim oknom
2007  Estrellita
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