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Director:  Gjergi Xhuvani
Balkan Films Showcase
A Wonderful Night in Split
Beneath Her Window
Dear Enemy
How I Killed a Saint
Perfect Circle
The Pharaoh
Waiting for the Clouds
When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo

, 2004, 91 min, color

September 1943. Fascist Italy surrenders. The 20,000 citizens of the central Albanian city of Elbasan now ravage army depots. Harun Bonata, a wholesale grocer, loads stolen goods on his small truck and takes off quickly. He is stopped by a wounded Italian soldier, a deserter, who threatens to hurt Harun if he doesnt take him to his home and hide him. Harun is already hiding a wounded partisan, his brother, and his brothers wife. That night, Hoakin also arrives at the house. Hes the town watchmaker, a Jew who made it to Elbasan after fleeing from the Nazis in Poland.

Harun signs a contract with German collaborator Ethem Bey, to supply food and goods for the German army. He befriends Franz, who is Ethem Beys translator, but keeps the truth about the people hidden in his house. In their newly imposed situation, the partisan, the Italian and the Jew strike up a friendship. After the German army pulls back, Ethem Bey also seeks refuge in Bonatas house. The house becomes a real Tower of Babel.

Albanian director Gjergj Xhuvani was born in Tirana in 1963 and studied drama at the Tirana Academy of Fine Arts. His short film Funeral Business was presented at the Venice Film Festival and won first prize at the Montpellier Film Festival. Besides his directorial work, he has written screenplays for animated movies, and a childrens book and a novel. Slogans won the Grand Prize at film festivals in Tokyo and Cottbus.
1995  Dashuria e fundit
2001  Slogans
2004  Dear Enemy
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