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05.03, - 15:30, Cinema House
Director:  Ademir Kenovic
Cinematography:  Milenko Uherka
Screenplay:  Pjer Zalica , Abdulah Sidran
Producer:  Sylvain Bursztejn , Dana Rotberg , Peter van Vogelpoel
Music:  Esad Arnautalic , Ranko Rihtman
Cast:  Mustafa Nadarevic , Almedin Leleta , Almir Podgorica , Jasna Diklic , Mirela Lambic
Production:  Parnasse Intl./Sarajevo Dokument
International distribution:  Refresh Production
Balkan Films Showcase
A Wonderful Night in Split
Beneath Her Window
Dear Enemy
How I Killed a Saint
Perfect Circle
The Pharaoh
Waiting for the Clouds
When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo

, 1997, 108 min, color
Awards:  1997 - "Grand Prix" Tokyo (tied) and Best Director Award, 2 nominations for EFA '97 for Best Film and Best Screenplay

This is the Bosnian Muslim take on the siege of Sarajevo. Quieter than Welcome to Sarajevo (and a million miles from For Ever Mozart), it adopts a low-key, humanist perspective that might be termed old fashioned, both in a pejorative and complimentary sense. A little like Kolya, it has an older man reluctantly adopting a couple of orphaned boys, one of them a deaf-mute. Theres a strong feeling for ordinary life in extraordinary circumstances (circumstances shared by the filmmakers), and this renders the occasional explosions of senseless horror all the more effective.
Tom Charity

Bosnian producer and director Ademir Kenovic was born in Sarajevo in 1950. Hes been making TV programmes and films for Sarajevo Television since 1976. His first feature film, A Little Bit of Soul (1986), was presented at the Cannes Film Festival during the Directors Fortnight. His second movie, Kuduz, was nominated for a Felix Award. In 1990 he and Ismet Arnautalic created SaGA (Sarajevo Group of Authors), which gathers most of Sarajevos film and theatre directors, cinematographers and students as well as many writers, poets, painters and artists from all different fields, with the common aim of protecting their interests as artists. In 1997 he completed the feature film Perfect Circle, which was also shown at the Cannes Directors Fortnight.
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