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Director:  Sinisa Dragin
Cinematography:  Alexandru Solomon
Screenplay:  Sinisa Dragin
Producer:  Sinisa Dragin
Music:  Grigore Lese
Cast:  Adriana Buto , Stefan Iordache , Olga Tudorache , Richard Bounoczki , Eugenia Bosanceanu
Production:  Mrakonia Film
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Romania, 2004, 82 min, black & white, color

The Pharaoh is a visual document about Romania in a period of transition. Through the experiences and reports of a journalist, a variety of situations typical for this country are revealed. Costache Nicolau, nicknamed The Pharaoh, is an elderly tramp living on the streets of Bucharest. His only possession is a simple set of scales. He spent 40 years as a political prisoner in Siberia, but he can hardly remember anything about that. His story attracts the attention of a young reporter. This film is about her and her first revelation. Will she learn anything from it? Will she look at the world through different eyes? The images suggest that she will: there are some parts in colour those things that take place in front of her video camera but also parts in black-and-white, heavy compacted images that seem to hang somewhere in space. Whose point of view is this? The pharaohs were absolute rulers, gods on earth. Once they built the pyramids and the Sphinx. Costache Nicolau is a little like them, in a strange way. The puzzles surrounding this one person are minor, in comparison with the great mysteries of this world. The young journalists attempts to unravel them are also an attempt to solve that one major puzzle. Could the answer be found in religion?

Romanian director Sinisa Dragiu was born in Yugoslavia in 1960. He gradated from the Film and Theatre Arts Academy in Bucharest in 1991 and worked as cameraman. He won a Tiger Award at Rotterdam in 2002 for his feature debut, Every Day God Kisses Us on the Mouth.
2004  The Pharaoh
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