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Director:  Radoslav Spassov
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Burning Out
Stolen Eyes
Svetlanas Journey
The Meaning of Life
The Prince and the Pauper


, 2004, 101 min, color

This is the story of a strange, impossible, inexplicable love between a Turkish woman and a Bulgarian man. Ivan is a pure and romantic young fellow, who gets caught up in the so-called regeneration process [when ethnic Turks names were forcibly changed to Bulgarian ones]. He is responsible for the official seals, which are required to issue the new identity documents after the forced name changes. The schoolteacher Ayten tries to steal the seals, thinking that this way she can slow down the ethnic genocide. Their unexpected and unusual meeting brings these two characters together and makes them feel close, forcing Ivan to take a fateful decision he must either rename Ayten, or face the consequences if he does not. Later on fate brings them together once again. Aytens small child is killed during an action by the special forces of that period. Ivan, whos been among the main participants in this action is paralysed with shock. The security forces decide to erase his memory. Ayten is also put in isolation, in the same hospital.

From death, which is the only choice left to each of them, comes the common path of Ivan and Ayten They gradually overcome their animosity, accept their differences and draw towards each other. But will the people around them accept their choice? Happy endings are a rarity in the Balkans. Then Aytens brother returns from Turkey

Our desire in making this film was to heal the wound, not to open it back up.

Screenwriter Neri Terzieva

Bulgarian cinematographer and director Radoslav Spassov was born in 1943. He graduated from VGIK (Moscow) in 1971, with a degree in cinematography. One of Bulgarias most distinguished cinematographers, hes shot more than 20 films, working with some of Bulgarias best directors such as Georgi Djulgerov, Eduard Sachariev, Ivan Andonov, Georgi Stoyanov, Kiran Kolarov, Rangel Valchanov and Ludmil Staykov. He debuted as director in 1993, with A Day of Forgiveness.
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