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Director:  Mariana Evstatieva
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Burning Out
Stolen Eyes
Svetlanas Journey
The Meaning of Life
The Prince and the Pauper


Bulgaria, 2005, 86 min, color

In our difficult modern life when social difference and inequality cause even children to be submitted to undeserved humiliation, two kids of different fates shall touch this lonely old mans strange and interesting world of spiritual richness.

The kids spiritual growth the realization of true human kindness and the choice of justice to falsehood and lie are the moral messages of this film. Mark Twains novel becomes a character in the story and establishes direct connections with modern society; thus the story of the two boys turns into a modern parable of good and evil.

We decided to retell Mark Twains novel in a new, modern way because nowadays the difference between a rich and a poor child is very strongly tangible. This is why I would like the movie to be a call to spirituality, a call for the returning of that ease and purity so much lacking in todays informed and computerized children.

Director Mariana Evstatieva

Bulgarian director Mariana Evstatieva was born in the city of Gabrovo in 1939. In 1971 she received her degree in film and TV direction from the Higher Institute for Theatre, Television and Film in Lodz, Poland. She teaches film directing at New Bulgarian University, where she is an associate professor. Her films Moments in a Matchbox and A Husband for Mum won Silver Awards at the Moscow Film Festival.
1973  Little Tiger
1979  Moments in a Matchbox
1981  Crime in Yellow
1982  Secret Weapon
1984  Up in the Cherry Tree
1985  A Husband for Mum
1987  Get out of my Light
1989  Men without Moustache
2004  The Prince and the Pauper
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