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Director:  Pjer Zalica
Cinematography:  Mirsad Herovic
Screenplay:  Pjer Zalica
Producer:  Ademir Kenovic
Cast:  Enis Beslagic , Bogdan Diklic , Sasa Petrovic , Izudin Bajrovic , Jasna Zalica
Production:  Refresh Prod./RTV FBIH/Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion/Istanbul Film Service/Cine-Sud Promotion
International distribution:  Flach Pyramide Intl.
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, 2003, 111 min, color

Tesanj is a small town in Bosnia, where a darker reality belies its clich, picture-book image. Suddenly, the announcement of American President Bill Clintons imminent visit to Tesanj sends the little community into euphoria. In the international spotlight, the town looks forward to a massive influx of foreign capital, promises of prosperity and well-being. All that is now needed for the dream to become a reality is for Tesanj to clean up its darker side. Under the supervision and assistance of international observers posted to the region, the small Bosnian town embarks on a breathless race to beat the clock. It has only seven days to create an impromptu democracy and make it look like the peaceful little town its supposed to be!

Pjer Zalica was born in 1964 in Sarajevo, where he studied directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. He later continued his education, studying screenwriting and production at the Grozny International Film School. His documentary The End of Unpleasant Times was screened at major festivals, where it won several awards. He has scripted many shorts and features, as well as a made-for-TV film. He also co-wrote the screenplay of the first film made in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the war, Ademir Kenovic's Perfect Circle. Zalica also teaches directing at the Sarajevo Academy of Dramatic Arts.
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