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19.03, - 18:30, Lumiere
Director:  Amos Gitai , Hernan Gonzales Iglesias
Screenplay:  Hernan Gonzales Iglesias
Producer:  Hernan Gonzales Iglesias
World Screen
Maria Full of Grace
Melinda and Melinda
Promised Land
Samaritan Girl

, 2004, 104 min, color

Amos Gitais work gains in both majesty and command with each film. His latest is one of his most effective and disturbing dramas an ironic comment on his homeland of Israel, the Promised Land of the title.
Promised Land both starts and ends in the darkness of night: the opening is a series of abstract images of the desert, where moonlight plays on a camel train led by Arab herders. We then see a border of barbed wire and a group of young women being led to the other side. This marks both the end and the beginning of their voyage, for all are Eastern Europeans destined to become part of the flesh trade, which clearly has a place in modern Israel.
Their promised land is not a place of milk and honey, but instead quite the opposite: a sordid, anonymous, surreal non-place, where they are hustled and moved around like cattle, afforded little dignity, stripped of their individuality and sent out to pay their way. But in this dehumanizing world, Gitai nevertheless finds glimmers of humanity and, eventually, resistance: a madam (a tour-de-force cameo by the great Hanna Schygulla) provides solace for a distraught young woman, while other friendships slowly emerge amongst the women themselves.

Israeli director, born in 1950 in Haifa. Studied architecture. In 1973 he began shooting with Super8, showing a preference for documentaries. In 1989 Israeli television censored his The House for its merciless commentary on government policies. Esther, his first feature film, was presented during the Cannes Semaine de la Critique in 1986. From 1992 he has also devoted his time to theatrical direction.
1980  The House
1986  Esther
1989  Berlin-Jerusalem
1994  Teatron Hahaim
1996  Zirat Ha'rezach
1996  Zihron Devarim
1996  Milim
1998  Yom Yom
1998  Tapuz
1999  Kadosh
2000  Kippur
2001  Eden
2002  Kedma
2004  Promised Land
2005  Free Zone
2007  Disengagement
Hernan Gonzales Iglesias studied cinema at the Cinema Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1991 to 1995. He also studied photography and theatre. He has made five short films, and Prince Gomez is his first feature.
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