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07.03, - 20:00, National Palace of Culture Hall 1
08.03, - 16:00, Lumiere
18.03, - 21:00, Lumiere
20.03, - 22:30, Cinema House
Director:  Kim Ki-duk
Screenplay:  Kim Ki-duk
World Screen
Maria Full of Grace
Melinda and Melinda
Promised Land
Samaritan Girl

, 2004, 96 min, color

Two Seoul high-school girls earn the money for a trip to Europe in an unusual way: Jae-young turns tricks and Yeo-jin arranges the customers. The girls see nothing unusual in this. But one day Jae-young is fatally injured. As a result of the shock caused by this tragic event, Yeo-jin decides to offer herself to their former clients, in atonement. But then Yeo-jins father, a police detective, accidentally finds out what his daughters been doing after school...
Leading South Korean director Kim Ki-duk seems to have abandoned the controversy of his prior work: Samaria, too, makes use of violence, sex and death, but does so in a somewhat different way. Once again we are confronted by a strange and disaffected world, pervaded by an unusual mood, and supported by lyric music and the atmosphere of a Korean autumn.

South Korean director, born in 1960 in Bonghwa. He has studied fine arts in Paris. Kim worked as a screenwriter before making his feature directorial debut in 1996. Kim Ki-duk is a director of a rare breed. Self-taught in cinema, he has gained international recognition with an impressive body of works characterized by their strong anti-mainstream aesthetics. In 2004 he was indisputably festival director #1, after winning both Best director's awards at Berlin (for Samaritan Girl) and at Venice (for 3-Iron).
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