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08.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
16.03, - 16:00, Lumiere
Director:  Juan Pablo Rebella , Pablo Stoll
Screenplay:  Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll
World Screen
Maria Full of Grace
Melinda and Melinda
Promised Land
Samaritan Girl

, 2004, 99 min, color

Life at the sock factory is a monotonous routine for owner Jacobo Koller, who shares a respectful if distant relationship with his employees, speaking for the most part only with his loyal assistant, Marta. This lacklustre status quo is disturbed when Jacobo learns that his younger brother Herman, who feels guilty about missing their mothers funeral the year before, is arriving from Brazil for her gravestone-setting ceremony. This reunion so worries Jacobo that he asks Marta if she will pose as his wife during his brothers visit. Once Herman arrives, Jacobo is constantly on edge, and he and Marta struggle to avoid giving conflicting information about their fictional history. But the three enjoy a surprisingly nice time together and soon Herman invites the couple on a weekend getaway that brings out unexpected elements of Martas personality.

Deriving most of its laughs from understatement rather than gags, Whisky is a very unconventional comedy, reminiscent of the Kaurismaki brothers. The filmmaking is beautifully controlled and Rebella and Stoll are not afraid to set their own pace.
Diana Sanchez

Uruguayan directors Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll were both born in Montevideo. They started to work together while studying social communication at La Universidad Catolica del Uruguay. Their feature debut, 25 Watts, won multiple awards, including the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.
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