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06.03, Неделя - 21:00, Lumiere
Director:  Andrey Paounov
Documentary Programme
A Man Leaves Us
Czech Dream
Dancing Bear Park
Death And All The Way Back
Festival Express
Georgi and the Butterflies
Musica Cubana
Nestinars.Fires Of Devotion
On Suicide
Our Children
The Great Goodbye!
The Lost Secret Of Catherine The Great
The Seventh Generation
The Way Of Wisdom

Георги и пеперудите
Bulgaria, 2004, 60 min, color

Georgi and the Butterflies tells the story of a man and his dream. The man is Dr. Georgi Lulchev, a psychiatrist, neurologist, administrator, amateur chef, entrepreneur and Director of the Home for Psychologically Challenged Men. His dream is to organise a farm in the yard of the home where the patients can raise snails, ostriches and pheasants, and produce silk fibres and soy bread.

This is a story full of optimism, snails, ostriches, silk, charity, soy bread, schizophrenics, foreign investors, Western hunters, misery and compassion.

Андрей Паунов
Bulgarian director, born in 1974 in Sofia. He graduated in film and TV direction at NATFA in 2000. Author of short stories, poetry and short films. His debut in feature-length cinema Georgi and the Butterflies has won numerous international awards, among which “Silver Wolf” from IDFA.
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