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04.03, - 21:00, Cinema House
17.03, - 18:30, Lumiere
20.03, - 20:30, Cinema House
Director:  Wim Wenders
Cinematography:  Lisa Rinzler
Screenplay:  Wim Wenders
Producer:  Alex Gibney , Margaret Bodde
Cast:  Skip James , Beck , Nick Cave , Eagle Eye Cherry , Los Lobos , Bonnie Raitt , Lou Reed , Vernon Reid , James "Blood" Ulmer , Lucinda Williams , Cream
International distribution:  HanWay Films
3 x Blues
Feel Like Going Home
Red, White & Blues
The Soul of a Man

, 2005, 100 min, black & white

In The Soul of a Man, director Wim Wenders looks at the dramatic tension between the sacred and the profane in the blues, by exploring the music and lives of three of his favourite blues artists. Says Wenders: These songs meant the world to me. I felt there was more truth in them than in any book I had read about America, or in any movie I had ever seen. Ive tried to describe, more like a poem than in a documentary, what moved me so much in their songs and voices.
After giving us front-row tickets to the world of Cuban music in 1999, Wim Wenders returns to documentaries with The Soul of a Man, with which he aims to share his passion for the blues. Carried by the husky voice of Laurence Fishburne, Wenders documentary focuses on the often-tragic fates of three African-American artists. Blind Willie Johnson, who lost his eyesight during a family conflict; Skip James, who had the rights to his own songs stolen; and J.B. Lenoir, who died of an internal haemorrhage due to lack of medical treatment. Yet, despite their difficult situations, these three musicians composed the most memorable and heartfelt of tunes. The strumming of a guitar, the pounding of feet and a deep, haunting voice was all they needed.

German director, born in Dusseldorf in 1945. He studied at the Munich Academy for Television and Film. Before that he studied medicine and philosophy in Germany, as well as art in Paris. He has also written film criticism. After making several movies in the mid 70s, he began to work on his cycle of "road movies". In 1982 he won the Golden Lion at Venice, with The State of Things. Two years later he won the Golden Palm for Paris, Texas.
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