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04.03, - 18:30, Cinema House
19.03, - 20:30, Cinema House
Director:  Martin Scorsese
Cinematography:  Arthur Jafa
Screenplay:  Peter Guralnick
Producer:  Sam Pollard
Cast:  Corey Harris , Sam Carr , Willie King , Dick Waterman , Taj Mahal , Johnny Shines , Otha Turner , Ali Farka Toure , Habib Koite , Salif Keita , Toumani Diabate , Sharde Thomas
Production:  Vulcan Prods./Road Movies/Cappa Prods./Two Dollars and a Dream Inc.
International distribution:  HanWay Films
3 x Blues
Feel Like Going Home
Red, White & Blues
The Soul of a Man

USA, 2005, 83 min, color

Scorseses film pays homage to the Delta blues. Musician Corey Harris travels through Mississippi and on to West Africa, exploring the roots of the music. The film celebrates the early Delta bluesmen through original performances and rare archival footage, featuring Son House, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.

One day, around 1958, I remember hearing something that was unlike anything Id ever heard before. Ill never forget the first time I heard the sound of that guitar. The music was demanding, Listen to me! I ran to get a pencil and paper and wrote down the name. The song was called C.C. Rider, which I already knew from the Chuck Willis cover version. The name of the singer was Leadbelly. I got up to Sam Goodys on Forty-ninth Street as fast as I could, and I found and old Folkways record by Leadbelly, which had C.C. Rider, Roberta, Black Snake Moan and a few other songs on it. And I listened to it obsessively. Leadbellys music opened something up for me. If I could have played guitar, really played it, I never would have become a filmmaker.

Martin Scorsese

American director Martin Scorsese, born of Italian parentage in New York in 1942, grew up with two vocations: the church and the cinema. He began shooting with a Super 8. New York University gave him the opportunity to make his first shorts, before moving on to his first feature-length film, Whats a Nice Girl Like You Doing In a Place Like This? Scorsese, who is also a screenwriter, editor, actor and producer, has not restricted his activities to directing. Hes made a name for himself as one of the most intelligent and versatile filmmakers of all time. Its enough just to mention Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Age of Innocenceand Goodfellas.
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