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09.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
16.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
Director:  Bob Smeaton
Documentary Programme
A Man Leaves Us
Czech Dream
Dancing Bear Park
Death And All The Way Back
Festival Express
Georgi and the Butterflies
Musica Cubana
Nestinars.Fires Of Devotion
On Suicide
Our Children
The Great Goodbye!
The Lost Secret Of Catherine The Great
The Seventh Generation
The Way Of Wisdom

Canada, 2003, 90 min, color

The last great rockumentary of an era, with unique recordings of Janis Joplin, the Band, the Grateful Dead, et al. This material, shot in cinéma-vérité style, celebrating musicians, psychedelia and spontaneous jam sessions was shelved for thirty years for legal reasons. Its Woodstock on wheels. Lets roll!

In the summer of 1970, a motley collection of musicians travelled by train through Canada. The most unusual recordings, however, were made on board the train: partying musicians, psychedelics and spontaneous jam sessions.

British director Bob Smeaton was born in Newcastle. He has made renowned music documentaries about the Beatles, the Who, Meatloaf and Genesis. He has received two Grammy awards for his work.
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