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13.03, - 23:00, Cinema House
Director:  Siegfried
Cinematography:  Siegfried , Vincent Buron , Herve Lode
Screenplay:  Siegfried
Music:  Siegfried
Cast:  Naguime Bendidi , Elodie Bouchez , Lou Castel , Abdel Houari , Antoine du Merle , Bruce Myers
Production:  Cine Valse/ Initial Productions/Le Studio Canal +
International distribution:  Films Distribution
Special Screenings
Louise (Take 2)
Pleasant Days

France, 1998, 103 min, color

This movie tells the story of Louise and her friends in Paris. They spend their time in the metro, playing, loving and breaking the laws. By chance she meets Remi, a homeless ladies man with an excellent supply of pick up lines and self-assured charm. The meeting between Louise and a young boy will bring some romance into their violent world. Unlike her pals, she does have a home to go to, but the girl is following some half-baked theory about how the adrenaline of real life is in the risks of petty crime and edgy survival on the street. The city is the gangs oyster, until Louise is arrested, prompting a sort of psychic break between who she is and who shes been pretending to be.
A movie about todays youth, about people living on the edge of society, in the oppressive but poetic world of the Paris metro.

French director and musician born in 1973. He scored several original soundtracks for European and Russian films. His first short film La faim (1996), was screened at Cannes Film Festival and his first feature Louise (Take 2) (1998) was screened internationally. In 2003 he shot his second feature film Sansa (2003) won the Youth Jury Award at Flanders International Film Festival and was screened in the competition of Sofia International Film Festival 2004.

1998  Louise (Take 2)
2003  Sansa
2007  Ada
2008  Kinogamma Part One: East
2008  Kinogamma Part Two: Far East
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