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13.03, Неделя - 16:00, Cinema House
Director:  Pedro Almodovar
Special Screenings
Louise (Take 2)
Pleasant Days

Spain, 1985, 106 min, color

The Realm of the Senses, literally. Death and Desire are inextricably linked, in this Hispanic mix of sex, symbolism, violence and very chic design. Angel, a trainee bullfighter, is driven by his guilt about being a rapist to confess to the killings of a number of young men and women. But Angel’s mentor (retired from the corrida after having been gored by a bull) and his lady lawyer are far guiltier than he, since the ultimate orgasm can only be achieved by murder.

Spanish director and screenwriter,born in l951 in Calzada
de Calatrava,La Mancha.He began making shorts on 8mm
in the 1970s.One of his first features,Labyrinth of Passion
provides the key to his future work,an unusual,almost con-
vulsively staged melodrama in which provocation and black
humour go hand in hand with pathological emotions.He
achieved the height of fame with his All about My Mother,
for which he won Best Director at Cannes,Best European
Film of the Year,an Oscar and several national Goya awards.
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