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21.03, - 18:30, Cinema House
23.03, - 18:30, Cinema House
25.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
28.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
28.03, - 20:30, Cinema House
29.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
30.03, - 20:30, Cinema House
31.03, - 16:00, Cinema House
Director:  Kornel Mundruczo
Special Screenings
Louise (Take 2)
Pleasant Days

Hungary, 2002, 103 min, color

Newly released from prison, Peter goes to stay with his sister, Maria. Their relationship is an unusual one, and so discomfortingly intimate that the viewer is never quite certain whether their bond might perhaps be incestuous. While Peter tries to regain his place in the world, his sister is preoccupied with the problems of her best friend, Maja, who has given birth on the floor of the laundry in which the two women work. Maria has agreed to take care of the baby and to pretend to be its mother, hoping in this way to blackmail her own, neglectful lover into a more permanent relationship. Peter is the only one who knows the truth and he is falling for Maja

Hungarian director born in 1975. He studied acting and than film direction at the Collage of Dramatic and Film Arts in Budapest. Kornel Mundruczo grabbed international attention right from the start with his shorts. His feature debut Pleasant Days (2002) won a Silver Leopard in Locarno in 2002 and the Grand Prize at Sofia Film Fest. Mundruczos second film was an adaptation of the story of Joan of Arc, Johanna (2005), which premiered in the Un certain regard section at Cannes.
2000  Nincsen nekem vagyam semmi
2002  Szep napok
2005  Shortlasting Silence - segment from the film Lost and Found
2005  Johanna
2008  Delta
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