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18.03, - 18:30, Cinema House
Director:  Francois Ozon
Screenplay:  Francois Ozon
Francois Ozon - Retro
5 x 2
8 Women
Criminal Lovers
Under the Sand
Water Drops on Burning Rocks
_Swimming Pool

, 1999, 96 min, color

Once upon a time in the suburbs, there lived an adolescent girl named Alice, a pretty girl who liked to play games games of seduction, games of violence. One day Alice decided to kill Said, a handsome and cocky classmate. But, she couldnt possibly do it alone. So Alice manipulated her naive friend Luc into committing the crime, as proof of his true love for her. But it wasnt as easy as Alice expected; murder can be a tiresome and quite messy business. Alice thought she had planned for everything, but a life of true crime can be filled with unexpected difficulties. Alice and Luc decided to hide Saids body in the forest. Once their job was done, they discovered that they were lost. They found a rowboat on a stream, but it only carried them deeper into the dark woods. Poor Alice and Luc, cold and hungry and all alone in the forest. And everyone knows that the woods are filled with wild animals and the traps laid for them by hunters. Then their luck changed they stumbled onto a cabin inhabited by a lone woodsman. But Alice and Luc were about to discover that life isnt a fairy tale after all.

French director, born in 1967 in Paris. Graduated in film and then attended Frances famed FEMIS film school. His short films were shown at many film festivals around the world. In 1998 he shot his feature debut Sitcom, screened in the Critics Week section at the Cannes IFF. His next two features were also screened at top festivals Criminal Lovers (1999, Venice) and Water Drops on Burning Rocks (2000, Berlin). In 2002 he shot 8 Women, based on the play by Robert Thomas and starring outstanding French actresses of many generations; collectively they received the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 2002 Berlinale. Swimming Pool was screened in the competition at Cannes in 2003. 5x2 was competitor for Golden Lion in 2004.
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1998  Sitcom
1999  Criminal Lovers
1999  Water Drops on Burning Rocks
2000  Under the Sand
2002  8 Women
2003  Swimming Pool
2004  5x2
2005  Time to Leave
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