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10.03, Четвъртък - 18:30, Cinema House
12.03, Събота - 11:00, Cinema House
Director:  Ilya Khrzhanovski
Cinematography:  Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev , Aleksander Ilkhovsky , Sandor Berkesi
Screenplay:  Vladimir Sorokin
Producer:  Yelena Yatsura
Cast:  Mariia Vovchenko , Irina Vovchenko , Svetlana Vovchenko , Sergei Shnurov , Yuri Laguta
Production:  Filmocom
International distribution:  Filmocom Company
Main programme / Out of Competition
Le Grand voyage
One or the Other

Russia, 2004, 126 min, color

Fascinating debut with unique camerawork that shows the strange, both absurd and realistically banal faces of today's Russia. Evokes high hopes back home, but wasn't distributed after clashes with the censor. The debut film of Ilya Khrzhanovsky, 4 is composed of episodes of life in Moscow and in the country. Because of their absurdity, these episodes are as much realistic as they are unimaginable. The opening of the film sets the whole atmosphere, introducing three characters who happen to meet in an anonymous bar. We learn from their conversations both the intriguing and banal details of their lives. But are they all telling the truth? The audience is left in doubt. It's only later on, when the three separate, that more hints about these strangers are revealed, mainly about the possibly cloned young woman. Can these worlds really coexist in contemporary Russia? The enigmatic aspect of the film is fully supported by the absolutely unique camera work that never leaves the characters alone. 4 is based on a script by Vladimir Sorokin, a well-known radical writer who has challenged numerous taboos in Russian culture, such as using foul language or talking about homosexuality.His works have sparked controversy, and his enemies have publicly burned his books.

Russian director, born in 1975 in Moscow. Spent a year at the Bonn Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in film directing at the famous Russian film school VGIK in 1998. Since then, he has directed theatre productions and made
a short film together with Artem Mikhalkov.
2004  4
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