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Director:  Krasimir Krumov
Bulgarian Features
Burning Out
Stolen Eyes
Svetlanas Journey
The Meaning of Life
The Prince and the Pauper


Bulgaria, 2004, 68 min, color

12-year old Kircho is anxious about rumours of the apocalypsis. He looks for the answer to the
tormented questions from his mother, a teacher of biology, an astronomer, a priest and finally
ends up in hospital, and he seeks answers from the doctor and the psychiatrist. Instead of the
expected treatment, these conversations only serve to exacerbate Kircho's fears and make them
intolerable. And then at the most difficult moment, he is alone and suddenly realises the
glorious truth that to live means to be needed by someone
"The meaning of life" is a fable of the Little Prince of Bulgarian decadence, resolved to unravel the secret of the Apocalypse and prevent it. The film is surprising in its tenderness, sustainable even
despite its superfluous off-screen pathos and catastrophic visions. This tendersness is so generous that it models atmosphere, behaviour and message."
Genoveva Dimitrova, in "Culture"

Bulgarian director,born in 1995 in Shumen. He studied Bulgarian language and literature at the university of Veliko Tarnovo (1979) and cinema direction at the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts (1985). In 1994 he was appointed to teach at the Berlin Academy for Cinema and Television. He has
written two novels, The Drowning Man and The Spirit of Crime, the play Funeral without a Corpse and a work of literary theory, The Poetry of Cinema .
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