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Director:  Georgi Stoev - Jacky
Cinematography:  Milan Ognyanov
Milan Ognyanov - Mini Retro
A Scene Of The Nations
Only Jazz
Spas and Nelly
Summer Rain
The Producer
There Are Many Of Us, But We Are Scattered
Tsar Kaloyan


Bulgaria, 1982, 15 min, color

Entertaining and cautionary film about the relationship between children, parents and animals. The film is a short story with a lively music and starring cat and dog showing many of their characteristic behaviour features.

Bulgarian director, born in Sofia in 1941. In 1966 he received a Master's Degree in biology in Dresden, and enrolled in the film directing program at the Krustyo Sarafov High Institute of Theater Arts in Sofia. In 1992 he became the director of the Vreme Studio for popular science and documentary films. He made his feature film debut in 1981, with Our Shoshkanini. This was followed by The Adventures of Spas and Nelly and the novellas Divorce Before and Divorce Now.
1973  The Lopushna Music docu
1977  The Life in a Cow's Belly scientific
1977  Counted Days docu
1982  Our Shoshkanini
1983  Itzko docu
1987  The Adventures of Spass and Nelly
1989  Divorce Before and Divorce Now segments from the movie Divorces, Divorces...
1992  Forgive, But Not Forget docu
2007  Flay by Rossinante
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