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14.03, Понеделник - 16:30, Cinema House
Director:  Kosta Bikov
Screenplay:  Kosta Bikov
Documentary Programme
A Man Leaves Us
Czech Dream
Dancing Bear Park
Death And All The Way Back
Festival Express
Georgi and the Butterflies
Musica Cubana
Nestinars.Fires Of Devotion
On Suicide
Our Children
The Great Goodbye!
The Lost Secret Of Catherine The Great
The Seventh Generation
The Way Of Wisdom

Великото Сбогуване
Bulgaria, 2005, 32 min, color

A film about the Plovdiv artist, Georgi Bozhilov - Elephant, based on the poetry of Konstantin Pavlov. Konstantin Pavlov's poems are part of the eternal questions which Georgi Bozhilov provides answers to on his travels through the years... At a time about which he says "there is no colour and it has always overtaken me". The time when the pictures of Bozhilov and the poetry of Pavlov where always encountered.
"...The film which we will see, /I have seen many times./ Both as a viewer and actor. / I know the episode I die in. / But before this - / Love, stupidity, confusion... / And passions - / Taken from the refrigerator /(of Eternity!)..."

Bulgarian director,born in 1944 in Rakitovo.He
has a degree in engineering (1971)and one in
film directing (1979).
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