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Director:  Eldora Taikova
Cinematography:  Emil Hristov
Screenplay:  Asen Vladimirov - ProFilm
Producer:  Asen Vladimirov - ProFilm
Production:  Pro Film with support of Bulgarian National Film Centre/Jan Vrijman Fund (Netherlands)
International distribution:  Pro Film
Documentary Programme
A Man Leaves Us
Czech Dream
Dancing Bear Park
Death And All The Way Back
Festival Express
Georgi and the Butterflies
Musica Cubana
Nestinars.Fires Of Devotion
On Suicide
Our Children
The Great Goodbye!
The Lost Secret Of Catherine The Great
The Seventh Generation
The Way Of Wisdom

Парк За Танцуващи Мечки
Bulgaria, 2004, 52 min, color

Bulgaria is the last country in Europe where not long ago, dancing bears could be spotted in the streets, led on chains by bear-keeping gypsies. Under pressure from environmental organisations this practice was banned. With generous financial help from Western foundations, the world's largest and most sophisticated Dancing Bear Park was built near the small mountain town of Belitsa, and the surviving animals were resettled there. The film tells the story of the bears and of the people – the former bear-keepers who have been left without their livelihood, and the local impoverished population, who say with envy: "In Belitsa life is better for the bears!"

Елдора Трайкова
Bulgarian documentalist, born in 1956 in
Petritch. Graduated film direction from The Film
and Theatre Academy in Sofia in 1979. Her film
UFO's above Kliutch Village was awarded at
Montreal festival. Neon Stories won Grand Prize
at Tampere and the award for documentary at
the BBC Fest.
1987  UFO's above Kliutch Village
1988  A Long Film about Sex
1992  Neon Stories
1994  Curriculum vitae
1997  Of Men and Bears
1999  Born with the Century
2004  Dancing Bears Park
2004  Voices
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