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14.03, Понеделник - 17:45, Cinema House
Director:  Vassil Karkelanov
Documentary Programme
A Man Leaves Us
Czech Dream
Dancing Bear Park
Death And All The Way Back
Festival Express
Georgi and the Butterflies
Musica Cubana
Nestinars.Fires Of Devotion
On Suicide
Our Children
The Great Goodbye!
The Lost Secret Of Catherine The Great
The Seventh Generation
The Way Of Wisdom

Посветените На Огъня
Bulgaria, 2005, 57 min, color

In a godforsaken village of Bulgary (Bulgaria) a miracle is hidden. It is not one of those miracles you can witness, touch or shoot on tape whenever it pleases you. It happens once a year, every year. Clothing of icons, opening of a sacred spring, sacrifice – all these are done on the day of St. Konstantin – June 3. On this day earth and heaven mingle into a single point – the fire on which the Nestinary are dancing. They dance bare-footed on the glowing embers to the accompaniment of bagpipes and drums and foretelling
the future.

Васил Къркеланов
Vassil Karkelanov was as born in Chirpan in 1969. Graduated Film and TV Cinematography at National
Academy for Theatre and Film Art (1996). Freelance fashion and advertising photographer. Member of the Association of Advertising Photographers in Bulgaria.
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